terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2016

Taut Leather – Osiris Blade & Caleb King

Here’s a wicked tale of sex, leather, and explosive passion. Caleb King has given himself to be toyed with at the mercy of Osiris Blade, dungeon master. Caleb loves to be harshly treated, bound by restrictive clothing, and of course, fucked in the ass very, very hard. These are all things at which Osiris Blade is quite adept. Caleb knows Blade’s reputation and is prepared for a good, solid pounding. They start by kidding hard and with intensity. Soon Caleb is sucking Osiris’s stiff cock, hoping to please the dungeon master. Although the erection is massive, Caleb knows he must do everything in his power to give Osiris pleasure. He takes the enormous dick good and deep down his throat. Osiris is indeed pleased by this and so he reciprocates, slurping on Caleb’s large member. Caleb likes this very much. Next, Osiris is unzipping Caleb’s pants to expose his tight asshole. He licks and flicks his tongue around the eager hole, teasing it. It’s not long before Osiris is sliding his fat, pulsating cock into Caleb’s tender ass. Join this sadistic pair as they don’t hold anything back, fucking hard in this gritty, dungeon dick-down.

domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2016

Slam That Hole – Brian Bonds & Noah Donovan

Sexy power bottom Brian Bonds and big-dicked Noah Donavan waste no time getting orally acquainted. After swapping some spit, Brian is quickly on his knees with a mouthful of Noah’s huge cock. Brian tries his best to deep throat the 9.5′ inch, thick cock, gagging as it hits the back of his throat. Noah wants ass, so he rims Brian’s eager hole, jamming his tongue deep into his center. After warming Brian’s hole up, they switch to a sit fuck where Brian energetically bounces on Noah’s meat stick. Brian can’t get enough, and his hot hole is able to take Noah’s big dick and powerful thrusts in every position before he oozes his load out into his hand. Noah pulls out and finishes all over Brian’s spent cock.

sábado, 12 de dezembro de 2015

That Twink Hole Is So Tight!

Hung thug Canu loves a really tight holeto fuck, and thankfully he’s found just that with eager young hispanic bottom Cristian. The young stud is in awe as he strokes that big black boner, and when he gets the courage o try it he finds he can suck it pretty well too! Canu isn’t satisfied just yet, he checks the boys hole and finds a tight pucker that really needs some stretching!

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Filling Up That Tight Young Ass

Robert and Najee are getting ready for an evening out when some big black joystick is revealed. Of course it’s irresistible, especially when it’s freely offered for sucking. He gets more than a taste of his hung buddy though, giving up his hairless dark ass for his hung friend to fill with rod, ending with both pumping their semen out!

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Enok Loves That Big Cock!

Not all dude can handle the thick and long joystick of super-hung Canu, but Enok is one of the greediest and can’t get enough of it. He sucking on that thing with real hunger when Canu offers it, then it’s time for his pucker to get a real stretching! Taking it doggy, then riding it, then doggy again, the guy2 are soon building up their loads and Canu jerks his jizz out to make a mess over his stomach!

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He Loves That Huge Uncut Cock!

He’s enjoying his own big dick, jerking off and building up a jizz load when a good buddy arrives to feed him his own massive uncircumcised meat. Sucking on his big fat cock just isn’t enough, soon his tight black ass is impaled on that meat and taking it for a ride, then being pounded doggy style before ending up on his back and splashed with both their messy cream explosions!

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The Prisoner – Marlone Starr & Osiris Blade

Osiris Blade is being held captive in a humid dungeon somewhere underneath the bustling city. Marlone Star is his warden, and this warden doesn’t like prisoners to be comfortable. Every evening around 7pm, just before Marlone retires to his quarters to eat dinner, he works up a ravenous hunger by ‘dealing’ with his only inmate. Osiris has come to sense when these fuckings are going to happen. It’s his only indicator of the time of day, as his room has no windows or clocks. This time, Marlone is especially horny and has been planning all day to ravage Osiris’s ass extra hard. He starts by licking all over Osiris’s body, then grabbing Osiris’s dick underneath the medieval-style prison bottoms. Osiris likes this part of the day very much. Soon, Marlone is shoving his dick in and out of Osiris’s appreciative mouth. The girth and hardness excite Osiris. He loves pleasing his master. On days when he sucks Warden Star’s dick extra good, he receives a larger helping of mashed gruel. It should be said that Osiris possesses an unimaginable gift — a cock so large that Marlone Star has become addicted to sucking on it. It’s unprecedented massiveness is something that has indeed become quite the subject of discourse among Marlone and his fellow wardens. Many have asked to see it, but Marlone is too cock greedy to even share a quick peek! He does, however, annoy the other wardens with notebooks full of drawings he’s made of Osiris’s dick. They are not very good, and only serve to frustrate the whole group at picnics and outings. Anyway, after Marlone gets a nice oral pleasuring from his prisoner, he goes to his knees in order to enjoy an appetizer of fresh, plump cock. He takes his time tasting Osiris’s ass and firm dick. He likes to do this before pounding that sweet, tight hole. From there, Warden Star proceeds as he usually does, by bending Osiris over on the floor and slamming his ass hard and swiftly. He stands the prisoner up and continues the punishment as he helps Osiris jack his enormous dong. Join these two down in this dank cell where dark pleasure is in abundant supply.