domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

That Had To Of Hurt…

What up all you giant dick lovin fans? Today Castro and I ; went cruzin a local college campus to meet with this guy that was dreaming of Castro’s cock. He claimed he was straight but after you see this video you might think otherwise. Anyways… this guy’s name is Trent and he gets his organs rearranged by Castro’s Supreme! Come watch some ass get ripped!

Ass Pounding 101

What’s good everyone? Today we stopped by this guy Caleb’s house and Castro laid down the supreme right up the old brown eye. This new fresh meat had no clue he would be receiving a cock up his ass the size of a baseball bat. Needless to say he was hurtin pretty good towards the end. All in All it was a swell day for Caleb and I think he will recover just fine!

Dealers 3: In Charge

The Dealer’s video series winds up with the final hot scene with these two hot studs banging hot black ass. The big man himself gets in on the action, taking down his buddy and showing him his big hard weapon, penetrating him and nailing him deep and hard. Hot black ass fucking and two hot black thug studs!

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A Horny Wanking Str8t Thug

We were out cruising for some str8 bloke to jerk off on video for us and when we found this hot guy we knew we had to ask him. Although he was a little suspicious and aggressive when we told him about it, once he saw the cash he was in the car and coming back to watch some porn and jerking the semen from his rod for us. Str8 bloke are so fucking easy!

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It’s Still Gonna Hurt

Hey big dick lovers… Today we brought in a new big cock by the name of Mario Costa. This guy is a cool ten inches with girth the size of this guy Seth’s forearm. Needless to say this weeks victim is in for some pain. Let just remind you it’s not Castro but it’s still gonna hurt!

Dealers 3: Provin’ Loyal

“G” is called on to prove he is loyal and to serve the gang. The head dude has a hard on just waiting for him to get there and cannot wait to sink his phat black joystick into G’s wet hot mouth. This guy has got to do more than this though to earn his place, he has to offer up his ass for that fat black stud muffin pecker and take it hard and long. He likes it though and blows his load, so the head dude has to finish up blowing a huge load on his chest – he has earned his bling.

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Jahova And Drake Shoot Their Cum

You know it’s pretty common for str8 guy so kick back with a buddy and beat their meat to some hardcore porn, but what’s not so common is those breeder bloke sharing their pecker stroking with a load of guy2 out there on the internet in exchange for some cash! Jahova and Drake both need to semen, and both need some cash, and we need to watch them enjoying a side-by-side jerk off. I guess sometimes everything just comes together nicely!

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